The American bike dealer Ben Lawee was constantly angered by bikes that were either too expensive or didn?t meet his customer?s requirements. He wanted robust, affordable bikes with innovative technology that were really fun to ride. As an energetic businessman, he therefore set to work himself: UNIVEGA was born in 1970. Even with the earliest models, his brand became synonymous with the then brand-new breed of mountain bikes.

We?ve been writing this success story for nearly 40 years now. Even today, our range is based on the insights and vision of our founder. We listen to our customer?s wishes, we combine innovation and proven technology to create a practical product and then, with an attractive price, startle and amaze both buyers and competitors. Our target is not the luxury brand for the few; up to today, UNIVEGA has had a clear commitment to offering the best possible and most practical technology at an interesting price. UNIVEGA was founded on the basis of this principle and it remains our principle to this day.